Brad Pitt is a fighter who wears tasteless shirts and plays with hand grenades. Welcome to Fight Club: Peter Krobath discussed with him this yearís most unusual/ movie.

SKIP: No matter what your position towards Fight Club is, one thing is certain: This is the most unusual Hollywood film in a long, long time.

Brad Pitt: I have always been a fan of David Fincher. To me he belongs to the great visionaries of cinema. His films walk on the edge, I like that. He is taking the medium into the future because he is always playing around with new ideas, trying out new technologies, Furthermore, he has a voice, and this is rare in Hollywood. His projects are unique, because they donít go with the flow. I liked Fight Club from the very beginning. I immediately felt I understood this story, although I wasnít sure for a long time why I did.

SKIP: But it is a rather dark, pessimistic movie...

Brad Pitt: Really? It is only a metaphor. I find Fight Club quite amusing.

SKIP: To me, Fight Club shows a frightening real vision of America today, in spite of all the satirical exaggerations.

Brad Pitt: Hahaha, thatís the funny thing about it!

SKIP: Fight Club is a film that answers so many existential questions. How far has this changed your personal attitude towards life?

Brad Pitt: I believe that I see now many things clearer than before. I can address problems directly, I can define my own restlessness easier. I know which way Iím going...

SKIP: Do you think that such Fight Clubs really exist in todayís America, where frustrated men because of lifeís philosophical reasons knock each otherís teeth out.

Brad Pitt: I have never seen a real Fight Club, but I have surely heard about it.

SKIP: What would you say if people take the movie as a model and start such Fight Clubs?

Brad Pitt: That these people havenít understood anything. The point isnít to beat the crap out of each other. The point is to do something that strictly opposes everything society has taught us. Usually we try to avoid pain at all cost, but the people in Fight Club are looking for the pain in order to achieve new experiences.